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 CASP SMPRs for Public Comment (7/25/2019) 
 Call for Volunteers for ASF Steering Committee (7/22/2019) 
 Methods for Quantitation of Furan and Alkyl Furans (6/11/2019) 
 SMPR for Furan and Alkyl Furans (6/11/2019)  
 New SPADA documents open for comment (6/4/2019)  
 Call for Experts: Low Lactose Methods (3/19/2019) 
 Gluten in Oats Standard Method Performance Requirement (SMPR®) 2017.021 Rev. 2 (November 28, 2018) (2/4/2019) 
 Methods for Detection of Pesticides in Cannabis Materials (12/20/2018) 
 Methods for Screening and Identification of Drug Residues in Foods (12/20/2018) 
 Methods for Measuring Lactose in Low-Lactose / Lactose Free Products (12/20/2018) 
 Call for Expert Volunteers to Review Select Methods For Milk and Milk Products (10/5/2018) 
 SPSFAM Pesticides in Cannabis SMPR for Public Comment (7/13/2018) 
 SPSFAM Veterinary Drug Residues SMPR for Public Comment (7/9/2018) 
 SPSFAM Low-Lactose SMPR for Public Comment (6/18/2018) 
 SPDS Skullcap Limit Test SMPR for Public Comment (6/18/2018) 
 Methods for Determination of Cannabinoids in Edible Chocolate (5/25/2018) 
 Call for Experts - Dietary Supplements (3/15/2018) 
 SPSFAM Fructans SMPR for Public Comment (1/29/2018) 
 SPSFAM Sugar SMPR for Public Comment (1/18/2018) 
 Latest SPDS SMPRs for Public Comment (1/17/2018) 
 Method Performance Feedback On Official Methods of Analysis First Action Methods (12/1/2017) 
 Open for Comments: Proposed Modification to AOAC Official Method 932.14 Solids in Syrups (7/18/2017) 
 Open for Comments: Proposed Modification to AOAC OMA 988.06 Specific Gravity of Beer and Wort (7/18/2017) 
 SPDS SMPRs for Echinacea, Ginseng and SAMe (7/7/2017) 
 SPSFAM SMPR for Cannabinoids in Chocolate (7/7/2017) 
 Open for Public Comments: Bisphenol A (BPA) Standard Method Performance Requirements (5/31/2017) 
 Call for Experts: Bisphenol A (BPA) (5/31/2017) 
 SPADA Document for Public Comment: Environmental Organisms Panel Revision (2/2/2017) 
 SPDS SMPRs for Public Comment: Aloe Vera, Free Amino Acids, Ginger and Vitamin K (12/23/2016) 
 SPSFAM SMPRs for Public Comment: Cannabis and Proanthocyanadins in Cranberries (12/23/2016) 
 Method Performance Feedback On Official Methods of Analysis First Action Methods (11/21/2016) 
 Open for Comments: Proposed Modification to AOAC Official Method 932.14: Solids in Syrups (10/27/2016) 
 Open for Comments: New SPDS Draft Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPR) (7/22/2016) 
 Method Performance Feedback On Official Methods of Analysis First Action Methods (2/11/2016) 
 Open for Comments: SMPR for Yersinia pestis (1/8/2016) 
 Open for Comments: SMPR for Allergens (1/8/2016) 
 Open for Comments: SMPR for Francisella tularensis (1/8/2016) 
 Open for Comments: SMPR for Turmeric (1/8/2016) 
 Open for Comments: SMPR for Kombucha (1/8/2016) 
 Open for Comments: SMPR for Lutein (1/8/2016) 
 Open for Comments: SMPR for Bacillus anthracis (1/8/2016) 
 Open for Comments: SMPR for Collagen (1/8/2016) 

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 Call for Experts: Flavanols (2/13/2019) 
 AOAC Call for Laboratories to Participate in SPIFAN MCPD Multi-laboratory Testing (12/17/2018) 
 Call for Experts: Bisphenol A (BPA) (5/31/2017) 
 AOAC Midyear Meeting Preview, March 2017 (2/7/2017) 
 SPDS Call for Experts – Collagen, Lutein, Turmeric (8/12/2016) 
 Call for Experts - Avenanthramides in Oats, Caffeine, Cocoa Solids, and Heavy Metals Speciation (7/20/2016) 
 Open for Comments: Draft SMPR for Selected Nutrients in Infant Formula and Adult Nutritionals (7/20/2016) 
 Call for Experts: Biotin,FOS/GOS, Minerals, and Vitamin K in Infant Formula and Dairy Products (7/20/2016) 
 Call for Methods - St. John's Wort (7/20/2016) 
 AOAC's 4th Annual Mid-Year Meeting Dates Announced (7/20/2016) 
 Call for Experts: Food Allergens and/or Kombucha (5/27/2016) 
 AOAC SPDS Call for Experts (12/18/2015) 
 OMB Monthly Meeting – Thursday, November 14, 2013 (1:00-2:30 pm ET) (10/10/2014) 
 Call for Nominations - 2014-2015 Board of Directors (10/4/2014) 
 Call for Experts - All Areas of Dietary Supplements (12/20/2013) 
 Nominate a Colleague Today for the Harvey W. Wiley Award and Fellow of AOAC INTERNATIONAL (11/1/2013) 
 AOAC/NIH Sign Contract to Result in 25 SMPRs for Dietary Supplement Ingredients (10/10/2013) 
 AOAC/DHS Biothreat Detection Initiative Expanded to Variola (10/9/2013) 
 Call for Experts - AOAC Research Institute (10/3/2013) 
 Membership Renewal Invoices via Email Only - Starting October 2013 (9/30/2013) 
 Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL Offers Fee-Based Open Access Option (9/30/2013) 
 AOAC Announces the New Member Reception Raffle Winner (9/16/2013) 
 2013 AOAC Annual Meeting Highlights (9/5/2013) 
 2013 Annual Meeting Mobile App (8/16/2013) 
 Open for Comments: Description Of AOAC Statistics Committee Documents Alternative Approaches For... (8/9/2013) 
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