CALL FOR METHODS: Methods for Screening and Identification of Regulated Drug Residues in Foods

December 20, 2018: AOAC INTERNATIONAL invites method authors and developers to submit relevant methods that may meet the AOAC Standard Method Performance RequirementsSM (SMPR®) for Screening and Identification for Regulated Veterinary Drug Residues in Food. Submitted methods will be reviewed by an AOAC Expert Review Panel for consideration of AOAC First Action Official Methods of AnalysisSM (OMA) status. Methods adopted as AOAC First Action Official Methods of Analysis by the Expert Review Panel will be published by AOAC INTERNATIONAL.

The objective of this call for methods is to collect relevant methods that may meet AOAC SMPR 2018.010 as established by the AOAC Stakeholder Panel on Strategic Food Analytical Methods (SPSFAM). All submitted methods will be subjected to evaluation by an AOAC Expert Review Panel (ERP), who will review them for AOAC OMA status. Any resulting approved/adopted Official Methods of Analysis can be used as a reference or regulatory method. Acceptable methods must demonstrate that they meet AOAC SMPR 2018.010, therefore, being reliable and reproducible when used by trained analysts in accredited laboratories.

Prospective methods be able to screen for and identify regulated veterinary drug residues with established maximum residue limits (MRLs) in bovine milk, muscle, and fat; chicken muscle, skin with adhering fat, and eggs; and fish (additional matrices may be added in the future). MRLs, also known as “tolerance,” are the maximum allowable concentrations of a drug residue in a particular matrix. MRL varies by matrix and by regulatory area. See SMPR for further details.

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AOAC invites method authors to submit their methods with no fee required. Interested method authors or developers should provide a copy of their proposed method, as well as any available data characterizing the analytical performance and scientific validity of the method in AOAC format. For additional method author resources, please visit the AOAC Author Resource Center. Ideal method submissions should include a well written method procedure and be accompanied by data or information supporting the method’s applicability and demonstrating the method’s ability to meet the criteria of the AOAC standard method performance requirements.