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FAQ for the 22nd Edition
AOAC INTERNATIONAL Official Methods of Analysis 


Searching and Printing the OMA

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I need to purchase a single method. How do I do that?

  • Official Methods of Analysis (OMA) single method sales are no longer available. Other options for purchase are:
    • Sign up for an individual membership or, a corporate membership if multiple licenses are required, at AOAC will provide a discount code to individual members to purchase the OMA online from Oxford University Press at a deep discount. Visit the AOAC website to see all membership options available: If you are not interested in a membership, you can purchase online access to the OMA at full price. Please visit the Oxford Academic site at: Oxford does offer personal and company/institutional subscriptions.
    • Warning: Customers should be aware that there are sites claiming to sell AOAC Official Methods of Analysis single method sales. These sites are not authorized to sell AOAC methods. The only authorized seller of AOAC methods is Oxford Academic via online subscriptions only. 

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