On-Demand Training: Chemical Contaminants In Cannabis

AOAC INTERNATIONAL Training & Education

Date Recorded: February 26, 2021

Length: 90 Minutes

Course Content

Pesticide Residues and Mycotoxins: Method Development & Validation Reality - Julie Kowalski, jkSS, LLC - Pesticide residue and mycotoxin testing is challenging but even more so when testing for the cannabis market. It is important to understand the basics of method development and validation needed to develop a robust trace level method. This overview will help labs understand the amount of work involved so that realistic resource planning and timelines can be developed.

Roadmap to Pesticide and Mycotoxin Testing: A US Perspective - Grace Bandong, Scientific Strategy Leader, Contaminants, Eurofins - Testing requirements for pesticide residues and mycotoxin in cannabis and cannabis derived products vary from state to state and can be confusing to manufacturers and producers. Questions on what residues to test and how to test them are the most often asked. The talk will address these questions and look at some approaches that can help build confidence in materials and products. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Regulations for Pesticides and Mycotoxins in Cannabis Products - Kaveh Kahen, CEO of the Advion Interchim Scientific and Chairman and CEO of Sigma Analytical Services - An overview of the Canadian and international heavy metal cannabis testing landscape will be presented.

Navigating the Challenges of Pesticide Testing for the Various Cannabis Sample Types - Ben Armstrong, Ph.D, Lab Director, Juniper Analytics, LLC - With the enormous variety of cannabis and hemp products requiring pesticide and mycotoxin testing come an array of challenges. From sample extraction methods to matrix suppression, this talk will provide an overview of these issues and strategies to mitigate them.