Alicia Meiklejohn
Director, Scientific Business Development

AOAC Leads Way for New Standards and Methods for Infant Formula, Food Safety, Dietary Supplements, and Alternative Methods

Rockville, MD: On March 12–16, 2018, during the AOAC Midyear Meeting in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, more than 230 key experts, international authorities, and other appropriate stakeholders from industry, government, and academia had a voice in setting standards and finding the best, fit-for-purpose methods that are globally recognized and accepted. Major outcomes included new methods and standards for infant formula, food safety, dietary supplements, and alternative methods.

“AOAC has a proven stakeholder process that continues to result in significant progress in much needed standards and modern methods for the analytical sciences communities,” said Jonathan J. Goodwin, AOAC interim executive director. “Since 2011, AOAC has adopted over 100 voluntary consensus standards for a variety of analytes and matrixes, which have led to the approval of numerous new and modern methods.”

For a complete listing, see the January/February 2018 issue of the Journal of AOAC INTERNATIONAL, “Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs) and Corresponding AOAC First and Final Action Official MethodsSM”, pp. 301-308.

Highlights of the 2018 Midyear Meeting include:

*Standard Method Performance Requirements (SMPRs®) for sugars in animal feed, pet food, and human food and for fructans in animal food (animal feed, pet food, and ingredients)

*SMPR for quantitation of milk by ELISA-based methods *SMPRs for resveratrol, kavalactones, and skullcap (two) in dietary supplements

*Revised SMPRs for fluoride and for GOS in infant formula: These AOAC SMPRs were revised by the AOAC stakeholder panel and are among 28 voluntary consensus standards developed by AOAC that articulate the broader infant formula community expectations for global analysis of label nutrients in infant formulae

*First Action Official MethodSM for Cronobacter species in select foods and environmental surfaces

*Modification of Official MethodSM 2013.01 Salmonella in a variety of foods

In addition, standards development activities are underway for sugar/low lactose and veterinary drug residues. For food fraud, two sub-task groups were formed to recommend guidance for validation of nontargeted methods and for identification of appropriate consensus methods for emergency response.

AOAC is also developing standards for acceptance criteria for quantitative microbiology statistics.

Advances made at the AOAC Midyear Meeting will continue throughout spring/summer 2018, culminating in stakeholder, working group, and expert review panel activities held in conjunction with the 132nd AOAC Annual Meeting on August 26-29, 2018, in Toronto, Canada.

AOAC INTERNATIONAL is a globally recognized, 501(c)(3), independent, third party, not-for-profit association and voluntary consensus standards developing organization founded in 1884. When analytical needs arise within a community or industry, AOAC INTERNATIONAL is the forum for finding appropriate science-based solutions through the development of microbiological and chemical standards. AOAC standards are used globally to promote trade and to facilitate public health and safety.

AOAC SMPRs® are voluntary consensus standards, developed by stakeholders, that prescribe the minimum analytical performance requirements for classes of analytical methods.